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Penn Station Access

The MTA will create an extension of Metro-North Railroad‘s New Haven Line to reach Penn Station. This will create four new accessible stations, improve existing tracks and bridges, and will cut travel times from the Bronx to Manhattan by as much as 50 minutes.
Updated Nov 8, 2023


  • Location
    Bronx, Connecticut, Manhattan, Westchester County
  • Type
    System Expansion
  • Status

Area Map

40.875361743619, -73.833091463953


  • May 2021: Environmental Assessment released for public review
  • September 2021: FTA issued Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI)
  • December 2021: Design-build contract awarded to Halmar International, LLC/RailWorks, J.V.
  • January 2022: Notice to proceed issued
  • February 2022: Site surveys and advanced design are underway
  • December 2022: Groundbreaking for Penn Station Access takes place in the Bronx

About the project

Penn Station Access will transform our regional transportation system. Service will be more reliable, travel times will be reduced, and there will be more mass transit options for everyone.

This project will connect Amtrak’s existing Hell Gate Line to Penn Station and bring the line into a state of good repair. This will improve reliability and on-time performance and prepare the line for future high-speed rail.

We will build four new accessible stations in the East Bronx at Hunts Point, Morris Park, Co-op City, and Parkchester/Van Nest. This will cut down on commute times to the Bronx, Westchester, and Connecticut. The work also includes four bridge rehabilitations, reconfigured interlockings, and the modernization of signal, power and communication infrastructure.

During the construction process, we will emphasize community safety and quality of life. We will hold public meetings to get feedback, and will give community members advance notice of disruptive construction. And we will track environmental performance while construction is underway.

Design is currently underway, with construction expected to begin by the fall of 2022. The anticipated completion date for Penn Station Access is 2027.

Project benefits

  • Four new ADA-accessible stations at Hunts Point, Morris Park, Co-op City, and Parkchester/Van Nest
  • A one-seat ride between Penn Station and the East Bronx, Westchester, and Connecticut

  • Shorter travel times — some passengers may save as much as 75 minutes

  • A second Metro-North route into Manhattan and another terminal for the railroad

  • 19 miles of new and rehabilitated track along Amtrak’s Hell Gate Line, which will improve reliability and on-time service for Amtrak customers

  • Less traffic and air pollution

Map of the Penn Station Access track and stations

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About Penn Station Access

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24/7 construction hotline: 347-263-7837
Email: PSAOutreach@mtacd.org

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