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Safety on MTA railroads

Updated Feb 27, 2023

Railroad safety

On platforms and trains

  • Stand back from the platform edge.
  • Don’t lean over the platform edge or go onto the tracks for any reason. If you drop something, tell a police officer or station personnel.
  • Wait for the train to stop before stepping forward.
  • Don’t run on platforms.
  • Watch the gap when you’re boarding and exiting trains.

At railroad crossings

  • Always obey the lowered gates, flashing lights, and ringing bells at railroad crossings. Trains can approach quickly from either direction.
  • Never walk or run across crossing gates.
  • Trespassing on tracks is illegal and extremely dangerous. Never use train tracks as a shortcut. Cross tracks only at designated crossing areas.

In case of an emergency

  • Familiarize yourself with safety signage in cars so you will know how to locate and operate emergency exits.
  • Your best protection is to remain calm, think clearly, and follow the instructions of the train crew.

If you must evacuate a train

  • Stop: Don’t try to leave the train without instructions or help from the train crew. The safest place for you is on the train.
  • Look: If there is an emergency, look for a member of the train crew and report it immediately.
  • Listen: Follow the instructions of our train crews as well as the instructions of emergency personnel on the scene.

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