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M14 SBS: Keeping buses moving on 14th Street

In 2019, we introduced Select Bus Service on the M14 A/D in coordination with New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT). That same year, NYCDOT launched the pilot of its Transit & Truck Priority design on 14th Street to support faster, more efficient service for those buses.
Updated Oct 5, 2023


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  • July 2018: MTA, NYC DOT announce plans to launch M14 Select Bus Service
  • July 2019: SBS launches on M14 A/D
  • October 2019: Transit & Truck Priority launches on 14th Street
  • November 2019: Automated Bus Lane Enforcement (ABLE) system expands to M14 buses to help protect bus lanes
  • June 2020: NYC DOT makes 14th Street busway permanent

About the project

Following the initial 2019 launch of Select Bus Service and the New York City Department of Transportation’s (NYCDOT) pilot of Transit & Truck Priority (TTP), the city made the busway along 14th Street permanent and bus lanes were extended east. 

With the launch of the M14 SBS, we set out to improve your experience on the bus by increasing the speed of trips, decreasing travel time, and improving ridership on the route, which had seen steady declines. 

The project has been a success. SBS and TTP helped speed up crosstown trips, and bus service has been more reliable. On-time performance jumped to 68% in October 2019 from just 45% in September 2018.

And before the COVID-19 pandemic, ridership on the M14 increased 15% on weekdays, reaching 30,195 average weekday riders.

Learn more about the M14 SBS and how we worked to improve bus service along 14th Street.