Tap and go in every borough

OMNY is our contactless fare payment system — and it's the easiest, most flexible way to pay your subway or bus fare. You don't have to sign up or download an app to use OMNY; simply use your contactless credit or debit card, smartphone, wearable device, or OMNY card to tap and go. 

OMNY currently supports a full-fare, pay-per-ride option, with Reduced-Fare coming soon.

OMNY will eventually combine fare payments and ticketing across subways, buses, paratransit, and commuter rail. As we work toward a full rollout, you can still use MetroCard, TrainTime, and other existing fare payment options, giving you the flexibility to choose when OMNY is right for you.

How OMNY works

To pay your fare at subway turnstiles, AutoGates, and onboard buses (including Select Bus Service buses), simply tap your own contactless credit or debit card, smart device, or OMNY card on the OMNY reader. Use the same card or device for both legs of your trip to get a free transfer.

The screen will instantly confirm if the tap was successful, sending you on your way quickly and easily.

We’ve also introduced a new weekly fare cap, which lets you cash in on your taps with OMNY. Take 12 paid trips in a week on the same device or card starting Monday, and ride free through Sunday, every week, automatically. 

How to use OMNY

Using an OMNY card

OMNY cards are now available at select retail locations throughout New York City. An OMNY card can be filled using cash at nearby retailers, so you don't need a bank card or device to take advantage of the flexibility and convenience of OMNY. 

An OMNY card works the same as a contactless credit or debit card — all you have to do is tap and go. You can also use an OMNY card to take advantage of our fare capping program. Take 12 paid trips with the same OMNY card starting Monday and ride free through Sunday, automatically.