Group travel on LIRR and Metro-North

Save up to 60% on regular rail fares for groups of 30 or more. We also have tips for saving on fares for smaller groups.

For groups of 30 people or more

Step 1: Make a reservation


Call 718-558-7419, Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m. The office is closed on major holidays.

For Metro-North

Dial 511, Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. When prompted, please say the following options to reach Group Sales:

  1. MTA
  2. Metro-North
  3. More options
  4. Group Sales

Or, email Metro-North Group Sales at

Reservations depend on available space on trains. We recommend you make reservations at least two weeks in advance.

Step 2: Purchase your tickets

After you’ve made a reservation, you’ll get an email confirmation. Print that and bring it to any open ticket window. The ticket agent will print your group ticket.

In addition to making reservations, we can:

  • Help you plan your trip
  • Let our train crews know when you’ll be traveling
  • Meet you at your station or on your train, depending on availability. (Priority is given to large school groups, those in need of special assistance, and people transferring to the subway.)

For groups smaller than 30 people

You must pay for a minimum of 30 people to use the group rate. However, groups of about 15 or more can usually save money by paying for 30 tickets (the balance of tickets can be paid at the cheaper youth rate).

Other ways for smaller groups to save money:

  • Ages 5-11: Family Fare allows up to four children (ages 5-11) to travel with each fare paying adult for $1 each way.
  • Ages 12-64: Off-Peak Ten Trip tickets can be shared. These offer a 15% discount on individual tickets.
  • Age 65+: Senior Fares offer a 50% discount on off-peak fares. (These are not available for travel during morning peak hours.)

Travel for school field trips

Our mission is to help our children become comfortable with using mass transit. We offer:

Free subway transportation: The NYC Department of Youth & Community Development partners with us to provide free subway certificates to nonprofit youth-serving organizations. For more information, visit the city’s website, call 800-246-4646, or email

Escorts for your trip: For school groups of 60 or more, we can arrange for a New York City Transit Conductor or subway escort to accompany you through the subway system, free of charge. Hours and days are limited. Reservations should be made at least two weeks before the trip.

Tips for buying and using a group ticket
  • The whole group must board at the same station and travel together.
  • Sit near the group if you can. The conductor needs to account for the entire group when they check the group ticket.
  • Board the scheduled train shown on your group ticket. If you miss your train, talk with the conductor on the next train. They will accommodate you if they can. If the train would be too crowded, you may have to take a later train.
  • The person whose name is on the reservation does not have to be traveling with the group.
  • You must buy your group ticket from a ticket window. You cannot buy a group ticket from a ticket machine, in our eTix app, or onboard trains.


“Return Anytime” tickets for groups

Our Individual Return Tickets let you return at any time, including rush hour. Members of your group can return together or separately (on the same day of your trip).

For this option, all group members must pay the LIRR Adult group rate

Refunds and cancelations

All refunds are determined on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed. All approved refunds will require the return of the unused group ticket. Refunds are subject to a $10 processing fee.

If you need to change your reservation, let us know at least 72 hours in advance of your trip.

Lost group tickets are not replaceable.

You can travel with fewer people than your group ticket specifies. However, you won’t be refunded for the unused portion.

Any additional travelers not included on the group ticket must pay the applicable full fare.

Group travel restrictions

We reserve the right to establish which trains have excess capacity to handle groups, and rules for safety. The sale of any ticket includes no assurance of a seat on a particular train.

We won’t reserve space on a train when groups have already been reserved or when overcrowding is anticipated.

Groups will not be reserved:

  • On peak trains that arrive before 9:30 a.m. on business days at NYC Terminal Stations.
  • On trains for games/events at Mets-Willets Point and Belmont Park special event stations.
  • On holidays or holiday eves (afternoon/evening before major holidays)
  • On major events dates such as large parades, major festivals, and regional bike tour dates.
  • On Montauk Branch and Riverhead/Greenport trains on summer Fridays traveling east, or Sunday return trains.
  • If family fare or ticket types other than group tickets have been purchased (with the exception of large holiday school groups purchasing the free-rail packages).
  • If the group is mostly children under the age 5 and the child-to-chaperone ratio is greater than 2 to 1.
Buying Metro-North tickets in bulk

You can buy 10 or more Metro-North one-way, round trip, monthly, or 10-trip tickets at once and get them delivered to you.

For more information, or email

How to contact us

LIRR group sales

Call 718-558-7419.

Metro-North group sales

Make Your Group Travel Reservation Request