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Workforce Utilization Reporting

Updated Jun 2, 2022

Under New York State Executive Law 15-A, certain contracts awarded by the MTA and MTA agencies to a contractor have Workforce Utilization Reporting requirements which measure the utilization of minorities and women by contractors and subcontractors on these contracts.

Contractors and subcontractor performing work on New York State funded MTA contracts and/or purchase orders above the legal threshold of $100,000 for construction and $25,000 for services and commodities awarded on or after April 1, 2021, are now required to submit Workforce Utilization in the New York State Contract System (NYSCS).

Workforce Utilization reporting must be submitted monthly or quarterly in accordance with the EO 162 Workforce Utilization reporting requirements. It is recommended that you visit the NYSCS  and review the web-based Workforce Utilization Reporting Vendor Training video through the Training Videos in the Video Library link on your Dashboard.

How to submit workforce utilization information

  1. Log in at the New York State Contract System (NYSCS)
  2. Front Page: In the Dashboard, look for the highlighted red text and numbers. Click any of the red numbers in the Incomplete Audits line.
  3. Vendor Control Panel: Audits: Click on any of the red "incomplete" links.
  4. Workforce Audit: Review the information and click the Fill In Audit button.
  5. Enter the information requested and save the record.
  6. Sign and submit the audit using the Audit Certification process.


  • Subcontractors may be required to submit audits through the prime contractor, who will release them to Metropolitan Transportation Authority.
  • After a period, the audit will be locked, and you must contact the MTA contract compliance officer to unlock the audit.
  • If no work was performed during the reporting period, you can submit a No Work response.
  • If this is the last audit for the contract, mark the audit as Final.

The NYSCS also monitors Workforce Utilization reporting compliance status as follows:

  • Incomplete: Contractor or Subcontractor have started the audit but not completed it all the way and must go in and complete the started audit.
  • Pending certification: Contractor or Subcontractor must sign to certify the Workforce Utilization information they entered.
  • Pending Submission: Contractor or Subcontractor has filled in the audit but have not clicked to submit it for review.
  • Rejected by Prime: Subcontractor submitted Workforce Utilization information but Prime has rejected it.
  • Pending Release: Subcontractor has submitted Workforce Utilization information and Prime to review and submit to MTA.
  • Pending Acceptance: Workforce Utilization information released to MTA and awaiting acceptance by MTA.
  • Rejected by Organization: Workforce Utilization information not accepted by MTA.
  • Accepted by Organization: Workforce Utilization information accepted by MTA.


If you have any questions on the NYSCS reporting requirements, please feel free to contact ny@newnycontracts.com.